About Centerpoint

The Centerpoint of our focus is our customer’s needs.

We are committed to delivering every project on time and on budget without sacrificing quality of construction. Our expertise in the utilization of our efficient construction process makes us the smart choice for single family, multi-family residential and commercial construction projects.  We can provide exceptional value in helping investors and business owners achieve their goals.

Our founder, Chad Randall of Edmond, obtained degrees in Business Management and Construction Technology from Oklahoma State University.  Chad’s expertise in time management, construction science, quality of workmanship and detailed planning allow Centerpoint to blend the efficiency of production building with quality typically reserved for high end custom building.  

Our Process


Every successful project stands on a solid foundation. That foundation begins with a thorough and well thought-out plan. At Centerpoint Construction, we subscribe to the process of “planning our work and working our plan.” Commitment to quality and efficiency begins on day one. Excellent planning results in excellent projects.


What sets Centerpoint apart from the crowd is the combination of our attention to detail and efficiency in operations. A keen eye and strong management make the difference in Centerpoint projects. We believe in taking the time to utilize our craftsmanship and attention to detail planned meticulously from the beginning of the project to assure the highest quality at the lowest possible cost.


Our company founder is well-known for his attention to detail. It is that commitment to quality that sets us apart from our competitors. Exceeding customer expectations is a result of our team’s attention to the little things. Executing a detailed plan from start to finish is what allows Centerpoint customers to enjoy every step of the construction process.

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